Beautiful Women More Attractive Than Ugly Women (JapanProbe)

A Japanese TV show recently conducted a series of experiments in which men were placed in mundane situations involving the two women above (the prettier girl is on the right, for those of you who are blind) and would have to make a choice between them.

In the first experiment, a group of randomly selected men were told to go into a cafe and buy one of the products sold there. Thinking they were taking part in some sort of product marketing research, then men bought drinks. The interior of the cafe had been rigged so that the only open seats were those between the pretty girl and the not pretty girl. Who would they rather sit next to?

For the second experiment, men were given 1000 yen and told to buy something in a convenience store. In actuality, the test was to see if they would rather pay for their purchases at the register manned by the pretty girl:

For the third experiment, the women were positioned along a street and would ask male pedestrians for directions. Which girl would they be more polite to?


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