Pan-kun Impersonates Japanese Celebs


At the beginning of each episode of the Japanese TV show Shimura Zoo, a mystery guest celebrity is introduced through a series of clues. In recent months, performing chimpanzee Pan-kun and his canine friend James have helped provide such clues by acting out traits of the celebrities. Here are three such examples!

  • She likes wine, so Pan-kun drinks some grape juice out of a wine glass.
  • Paparazzi like to follow her around and take pictures for Japanese gossip magazines, so Pan-kun runs away from cameramen.
  • She works for the same talent agency that employs Yoshio Kojima, so Pan-kun dresses up in Kojima-style underwear. It is also Becky’s talent agency, so James dresses up as Becky.
  • She has children, so Pan-kun and James play the role of parents. Their trainer is the baby.
  • She plays the piano, and so can Pan-kun!
  • Pan-kun reveals some hints about her name by holding up a cube of sugar (sato) that is sweet (amai). He even manages to write the katakana character for sa with a brush!
  • In her early career she promoted herself as a farm girl, so Pan-kun does some farming.

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