Cracker Throwing Competition

 A news report about a deer-cracker throwing competition held on the 23rd in Nara Park:

  • About 1000 people took place in the competition, which involved long distance throwing of crackers sold throughout Nara as food for the many deer that roam Nara Park.
  • A family is shown throwing around a frisbee as practice for the event. When the little boy finally throws his cracker, it reaches a distance of 44.78 meters, far greater than he had achieved in the previous year’s competition.
  • A normal cracker has a diameter of 8 centimeters, but the official crackers of the competition have a 20 centimeter diameter. A deer-cracker factory specially makes the 1500 giant crackers used in the competition.
  • Throwing deer-crackers is pretty difficult, and it is not rare for crackers to fly out of control and hit spectators. Some throwers also fell off the stage!
  • Taro Hayashi won the competition, throwing a cracker to a record distance of 59 meters.

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