Could Food at Japanese Supermarkets Have Been Cooked in Oil Harvested From Raw Sewage?

f almost one in ten meals cooked in China was cooked using oil siphoned from raw sewage, could food products imported from China also have been cooked in such oils? The following clip from “Beat Takeshi’s TV Tackle” asks that question and answers it with a “we can’t be 100% sure”:

While it is likely that strict safety measures are taken at companies that produce food for export to Japan, it is very hard to verify that 100% of the ingredients that are used have come from totally safe sources. Somewhere in Japan right now, somebody could be eating a frozen meal that contains an ingredient that was cooked using oil that was crudely harvested from a septic tank.

The Chinese panelist on the show does not attempt to call out the producers of the show for hyping up the possibility that such foods could be sold in Japan. Instead, she downplays the possible dangers of such cooking oil and openly states that she has no problem eating food cooked with such oil as long as the food tastes good. She says that most people in China know about the sewage oil but eat out at restaurants anyway. Some of the Japanese guests, including former Defense Minister Yuriko Koike, have looks of horror on their faces as they listen to the Chinese woman talking about the cooking oil. Beat Takeshi (the host of the program) makes a joke about how such recycling of cooking oil is good for the environment.

Note: In the midst of the cross-talking, the Chinese commentator claims that the same thing happened in Japan in the 1960’s. The point was not pursued, so I do not know if it is true. Perhaps one of this site’s readers may know more about this? If so, please share some info in the comments section of this post.



2 Responses to “Could Food at Japanese Supermarkets Have Been Cooked in Oil Harvested From Raw Sewage?”

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