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Major Major Delays

Sorry guys..Yeah i think it has been days that I haven’t posted anything of late. It is due to this busy schedule lately… Give me a couple of weeks guys and I promise to bring you more stuff… Sorry again and to add; due to the hostage crisis that happend here in the Philippines, my flight was canceled since the airlines that I was suppose to take back to California is “Cathay Pacific Airlines| which is I think based in Hong Kong. They canceled my flight because of what happend in Manila.. Now, I am looking hard to get a good deal for a good ticket …. Sorry again guys.


Japan’s Akira Kurosawa Film Festival starts today in Manila

MANILA, Philippines — Twenty-one of the 30 completed films of Akira Kurosawa, also known as the “Emperor of the Japanese cinema,” will be shown in Manila starting today and until Sept. 30 as part of an international commemoration of the celebrated director’s 100th birth anniversary.

Kurosawa, the youngest of seven children, was born in the Setagaya district of Tokyo on March 23, 1910 and died on Sept. 6, 1998 due to stroke. He was 88. A reporter, who had lived in Setagaya district during his student days at Sophia University and while working at the head office of Kyodo News, remembers the outpouring of grief in his Setagaya neighborhood when the news of Kurosawa’s death was publicly announced.

This deep sadness was replicated in the whole of Japan.Shuji Takatori, director of the Japan Foundation – Manila, said in an exclusive interview that the Philippines is the only country in Southeast Asia where a Kurosawa retrospective is being held.

more of the article here


Anak Japanese version

just thought I’d share a high quality audio of the Anak Japanese version I found on youtube

before and after Japan

Change is sometimes strange

Almost time

It;s almost time to go back to California again guys..So it seems the ratings of my blog went down dramatically from 300 views per day to only getting 80 views per day.. Maybe it’s due to the lack of posts recently… Trying to change that as much as I can, for the mean time..and again..patience is a virtue.. hehehe

Hope you guys will come back again and start viewing my posts again because I have not given up yet.. Expect more to come in the coming days.. I just need a good location and a good connection..

Thanks guys as always ^_^

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