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Gundam Wing: The Maganac

The name means “family” or “relative” from the Tagalog word, mag-anak (inspired by the Filipino and Arab workers in the middle east, specially, Saudi Arabia, most of them are engineers).

The Maganac Corps’ are a forty-man private army of Arabian mobile suit pilots. Led by Rashid Kurama, they are often seen at Quatre’s side, who they refer to as “Master Quatre”. Almost all the Maganac have the same mobile suit, but each of the squad leaders have their own personalized touches, the most notable being Rashid’s wing-shaped antenna atop his suit’s head.

Gundam WingEdit Gundam Wing section

In Episode Zero, Quatre saved them and they’ve been at his service ever since. They participated with him in battle against OZ.

When Quatre sets Sandrock to self destruct during his return to space, OZ confiscated the remains. The Maganacs were intent on stealing it back when OZ finishes repairing. Unfortunately, an United Earth Sphere Alliance soldier named Sally Po attempted to destroy the pieces so that they can’t be used. However, the explosive failed to destroy it and the Magnacs escaped with the pieces. They managed to restore Sandrock and gave it back to Quatre.

The Maganacs also assisted the Gundams in ending the Eve Wars. They participated destroy destroying one of Libra’s blocks as it fell to Earth.

Endless WaltzEdit Endless Waltz section

When it almost seemed like there was peace for the Earth Sphere, an insurrection begins with Mariemaia Khushrenada, who subverted the Earth Sphere Unified Nation with soldiers loyal to the Barton Foundation and Trieze. Quatre then began to regret sending the Gundams into the sun when they thought they’ve won. He and half of the Corps went out to catch up to the the disposal asteroid with their ship’s interplanetary engine. The problem was, they did not have enough fuel to return to Earth. However, Quatre came up with a plan to use the gravity of Venus to slingshot the ship back to Earth, while he leap to the asteroid and sent it back as well.

Japanese Friend Speaking Tagalog Fluently

Just found another video on youtube about a Japanese girl who is very fluent in tagalog. I thought it was pretty cool.

here is the description of the video:

This shows junko, a Japanese who can speak Tagalog very well. Her major: Philippines Studies but she only spent one year in Philippines. This was a scene taken in Tokyo with the Bridge for Peace Organization. The BFP organization informs people the Japanese soldier veterans are regretting what they did in the Philippines during the world war.


Filipina in Kamen Rider the Next

I’m sorry but I actually laughed when I saw this.

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