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Kyoto Geisha Facing Bird Poop Terror

  • As a few geisha are commenting on how one must be careful walking on the streets, a young man is suddenly hit by bird poop! The white bird feces stains his dark-colored jacket. While he tries in vain to wipe the crap off his shirt, poop falls in another location within feet of the cameraman.
  • The source of the poop is revealed: crows! A sizable murder of crows is perched along the power lines on the street, regularly dropping feces.
  • During daylight the crows usually spend their time elsewhere, but as soon as it becomes dark, they flock to Gion. They indiscriminately poop on sidewalks, buildings, cars, and people.
  • Some locals have found that making loud noises can scare off the birds, but the birds will always return within a few hours.
  • A bird expert believes that the crows come to Gion because they are young. Older crows usually avoid resting in cities, but this group does not fear humans and is used to living in busy areas. There is also plenty of food to be found in the morning when the humans put out their trash.

Swinging & Rolling Over Hot Water

Amazing Bowling Trick


 this is the Japanese police battles terrorists

look at those action scenes (sarcasm)


this gave me nightmares =_=|||

Hitori De Dekirumon

awsome dance!!

Parking Champions

A few weeks ago, TV Champion had a special episode in which professional drivers competed for the title of greatest car parker. As is often the case with such shows, the producers made an amusing soundtrack choice.

Backing up and popping the balloon without hitting the wall [Danger Zone!]:

Parking a 170cm wide car into a 171 wide space:

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