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More Philippines reference in Japanese video games.

I hope you know your video games.I also hope you know about Front Mission 3 where there is alot of Filipino reference in that game and Soul Calibur where these is a Filipina character named Talim(Sharp) . Well, here are some pretty recent games that had some of those references. I got this from So you can check out more of this post in there.

Here is a reference from the game called “Let’s play Katamari Damacy” for the PS2. I have not played the game so I was a bit surprised. Its pretty amusing to see some of these references.

And here are bits from the game “Yakuza 4” . Again, I haven’t played this one as well, but I plan to get this series pretty soon.

If you want more details on these. Go check out



WOW..its been a long while since I posted haven’t I? Due to the amount of  school work I have  >___< DAMN!! being an I.T student is pretty tough!!
But here I am!!! with a bit of new posts..but please bare with me..This is the best I can come up with today.hehehe.


I cant help but laugh at the interviewer on this clip.
She’s can I put it, very over exaggerated. And Tomomi Itano sounds so…… yeah sorry no comment..
Here you go guys, you might want to keep backtracking on what Tomo is saying..


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