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More Tech!

Here are more tech stuff for you tech junkies..This is the king of FPS simulator..Just watch the video. Being an tech student, these are one of the ‘must’ watch videos.

And for some update. As promised, I will be posting some new Anime reviews as soon as I finish these episodes, so stay tuned.

Battlefield 3 is OUT!

After all the wait, the FPS franchise ‘Battlefield 3′ is finally out in stores!!.But sadly I would not be able to play it until I go back to manila since I left my computer there collecting dust. EURGH!! but I try to look at the bright side of things. Atleast I have the game! (^__^). Those of you who has the game and is on origin. Add’ Senzai’ up, that’s is I. Have fun all!! And there will be new anime reviews coming up so wait for that as well \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

1 Day Left!

Only 1 day left remaining.Don’t have anything more to say really ^_^

Philippine peso currency award

Ok, so lets get out of the excitement from Battlefield 3 for a bit and here is an article I found which is pretty interesting..well interesting for me that is.

Did you know that the new Philippine currency pesos has been judged as one of the best currency series series in the world by the International Association of Currency Affars (Iaca).

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

The set of new peso notes, called the “New Generation Currency (NGC)” series, was one of two finalists for best new currencies in the world in a worldwide contest organized by the International Association of Currency Affairs

Though the new pesos was recalled because of two mistakes, that didn’t stop it for having an award:

The critics said the new peso notes had errors in design, and urged the BSP to recall the series.Some of the errors cited were the allegedly inaccurately designed Philippine map and the wrong color used for the beak of the blue-naped parrot featured in the 500 peso note.

It was said to be an artist rendition.  You can read more about this by click here.

In my opinion, those new bills were pretty awesome. They were really bright in color and really nice to look at. Though I only saw bills of the 50 pesos and a 20 pesos which were red and orange, they were still beautiful to look at.

2 Days Left!!

The day of the release of Battlefield 3 is close!! I am so excited!! Hope you are too, and sorry if this is pretty much out of topic but that’s the reason I put up a gaming section (>__<)

3 Days left.

Following the video I have just posted. The continuation of Gamerspawn’s Battlefield 3 count down. I seriously cannot wait til the game releases.EURGH! and the bad part is that I left my PC back in my apartment in Manila. Right now I’m back in California having a little vacation..ヽ(#`Д´)ノ


Battlefield 3 Count Down

OK since I have not seen any interesting videos or any articles of late lets just do a little countdown with Gamerspawn for one of my favorite games. Battlefield 3 .. If you like to check out more about this game. Just go to

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