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On my way

It is almost the 30th guys (1 more day) and I will be heading back to Manila to finish what I started (School)

Until I get my hands to an internet connection over there, I will be posting some new stuff. So try to be patient by then.

Thank you again for all the viewers and I hope for you to keep coming back to view some more. I also want to thank the viewers that left comments on my posts.

Thank you!!

Ja mata ne  (^_^)v

The rise of AKB48

Don’t forget that one of the members of AKB48 is Sayaka Akimoto, who is Japanese-Filipino ^_^

Sayaka Akimoto

Sales of their recent single hit #1 on the Oricon charts, setting a record for first week sales by female artists in 2009. They’ll also be performing in this year’s NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (they failed to make the cut last year). Their main appeal with fans to seems to be their availability. AKB48 regularly holds events in which fans are given a chance to actually meet and shake hands with members of the group. The organizers are clever enough to require every attendee to buy a copy of the new AKB48 CD, inflating sales figures and helping the status of the group on the ranking charts. They’ve also been experimenting in different styles for different members, and some of the girls have done gravure and fashion modeling work. Apparently this has had the effect of increasing their popularity among non-otaku men and women


Shumai want to be eaten

A cute commercial for shumai:


The Kudyapi

one of the Philippines ancient instruments

But, does it sound familiar? It sounds almost identical to the Japanese Shamisen

Cleaning the floor with mop cat

Somebody’s finally discovered a practical use for lazy cats:


New ABS-CBN Christmas Song

Title: Star ng Pasko

btw, for those who doesn’t know, ABS-CBN is a t.v station in Philippines

Insects on Rice

“Nanikore Chin Hyakkei” travels to Shizuoka prefecture and tries out some yellow jackets (Vespula flaviceps) mixed with rice:

The comedians who eat the gruesome looking dish are quite surprised by how good it tastes. Apparently the bugs taste very much like sakura shrimp.


Bubblegang in Japan

Your favorite Filipino comedy variety show is now in Japan.

Here is just an introduction of the show, you can find more in

26th Filipino Music Post

Here is the ever popular Moymoy Palaboy FTW music video

Artist: moymoy Palaboy feat. Gloc-9

Title: FTW (For the Win)

Record student suicides in 2008

We all know that suicide is a problem in Japan, but check out these numbers.

A record 972 students, from elementary school age through university level, took their lives in 2008, the highest number since the government began compiling data in 1978. The figure was an increase of 99 over the previous year.

According to an annual government white paper released Tuesday, student suicides rose 11.3 percent from 2007. The number of such suicides has been on the rise since 2003.

Only the pupil-student cohort recorded an increase in suicides in 2008, according to statistics broken down by occupation, such as salaried worker, self-employed or jobless. Overall, there were 32,249 suicides in 2008, down 844 from the year before.…911180110.html

now that is a BIG number and at an early age.. “sigh”

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