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Break again

im going back to Philippines to finish my studies on Graphics Design

ill be riding eva air (i think thats the name) stopping over in Taipei,Taiwan
be leaving L.A.X at 1 am this coming sunday

damn i seriously hope i dont get middle seats
u have no idea how uncomfortable that is, specially a 16 hour flight

ill be back with new stuff for the site as soon as i get my internet back up over there, so it wont be long, just sit tight…

Thank you for all your support and hopefully continue to visit Onigiri Sensei

Old film of Japan

This clip of Japanese acrobats was apparently filmed by Thomas Edison in 1904:


Russell Peters @ Def Comedy Jam

my favorite comedian for you guys

Gaki No Tsukai

in this clip of Gaki No Tsukai

they must ignore the person who slaps them in the face

this clip is pretty short, but funney XD

Serial nudist mugger arrested


His reign of terror has come to an end:

A man arrested Tuesday is suspected of being the mugger who has targeted Saitama area women over the past few years while wearing nothing but a hood covering his face, police said.

Masatsugu Fukui, 36, a truck driver from Koshigaya, was arrested for robbery after he allegedly mugged a woman.

He admits to the allegation and has hinted in involvement in some of at least 10 incidents in the area since 2005 where a naked man has accosted women on the streets.

“It gave me more of a thrill to do it in the nude,” Fukui told the police.

Gaki No Tsukai (Pie Hell)

remember the show Gaki No Tsukai (Downtown Gaki)?

well here is an episode where Matsumoto lost a bet now he must endure pain staking pie thrown to his face and other parts of his body…very funny




自動ルイージ×GONG FULLver コウラ飛ばせ!

heres more of those Mario music vids


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