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Eden of the East Movie Trailer

an Upcoming anime that i find very interesting and i can’t wait to watch it.. I dont know if its a motion Picture or a series. but still, looks DAMN interesting

Jeepney in Japan

Coming soon!!

New videos

New layout

New Movie Trailers

New Faves

New news

and more XD!!!!

sit back and relax and enjoy the soon waiting XD


so i guess the 2012 topic wasnt that interesting to most people as i expected hehehe.but its all good

you guys just sit tight and relax, new stuff will be coming your way soon XD

2012 theory

On this post, I would like to talk about the 2012 theories… There had been many theory’s from the past with this 2012 thing. There is the Mayans of course, Nostradammus,and so forth and so forth..  But i want to know, what do you think of this? The new motion movie “2012” looks very interesting and I can’t wait to watch it.. But for the people who had dropped by or even come here to my site often, I want to know what do you think.. ^_^… please leave a comment, and we’ll keep this topic alive if anyone have any words they want to share or facts and such…

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