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Happy New Year!!!


I just wanted to leave a post and greeting my readers a VERY MERRY NEW YEAR!!  I hope this year will be great for you and I hope that you will enjoy it.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Yet, another year is ending. I just want to greet everyone a Happy Merry Christmas! And I hope you will continue to read my blog (`・ω・´)” . MAY YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!


Battlefield 3 is OUT!

After all the wait, the FPS franchise ‘Battlefield 3′ is finally out in stores!!.But sadly I would not be able to play it until I go back to manila since I left my computer there collecting dust. EURGH!! but I try to look at the bright side of things. Atleast I have the game! (^__^). Those of you who has the game and is on origin. Add’ Senzai’ up, that’s is I. Have fun all!! And there will be new anime reviews coming up so wait for that as well \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/


Hello all!!! I really apologize from my very long absents due to personal reasons..I will try to make up from my absents with as much post as possible I can put here..and I want to start from this article I got from a reader of my site..Thank you Herman Near..

We all know who MoyMoy Palaboy is right?those two Filipino guys who lip sync songs and became popular on youtube. Well, one of their videos “Everybody by Backstreetboys” because quite popular among Japanese netizens that a fan even made an Anime version of the video..The video was produced by a person named KiyoP. Read more about this in here.

Here is the video showing both the original and the Anime version.



from this very very very very long break.. I apologize that I left you guys hangin for some time.
but I have been attacked but LOADS AND LOADS OF SPAM!!!! damn spam(=_=). I hope wordpress would fix this. But anyways, I would like to start with this video from Younojisama.WHAT!? You don’t know remember him? well if you don’t then just click here..
His the guy who sang harana in Japanese. NOW he has returned with “Di na Mababauwi” originally sang by Spongecola (Filipino rock band). His coming up with the Japanese version later.. ENJOY!!!


WOW..its been a long while since I posted haven’t I? Due to the amount of  school work I have  >___< DAMN!! being an I.T student is pretty tough!!
But here I am!!! with a bit of new posts..but please bare with me..This is the best I can come up with today.hehehe.


I cant help but laugh at the interviewer on this clip.
She’s can I put it, very over exaggerated. And Tomomi Itano sounds so…… yeah sorry no comment..
Here you go guys, you might want to keep backtracking on what Tomo is saying..


34th Filipino Music post and Onigiri-Updates.

So very sorry that I have not posted anything of late. Just got caught up with some personal stuff, and I will get back to you guys as soon as it is all over. But for the meantime, here is a song from the Sugarfree. It’s a pretty old song (like two years ago I think) but it is still one of the best songs I heard from them. So enjoy. Thank you for all of your patience. I shall return!! hehehe


Oh and by the way. It is summer here in Manila and its pretty cold O___O.. Maybe due to the monsoon named “Bebeng”. Lots of rain but It IS cold and I’m lovin ‘it!! except for the raining part.. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Title: Hay Buhay!
Artist: Sugarfree

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