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Japanese Musician Promotes Traditional Ukrainian Music

Charlie Sakuma, a Japanese-born electrician who has mastered traditional Ukranian music:

a clip of one of his performance:


Sorry for being late

Hey guys! Sorry I did not tell you that I am back in Manila and I have the internet so wait for more posts coming up soon.



Maid cafe in the Philippines

Though nothing beats a maid cafe in Japan. It is a good try.

Pinoys who are big fans of the Japanese culture, will be familiar with a maid cafe. Popular in Akihabara, Japanese women dress up in French Maid costumes and treat costumers like masters. Ozine offered a similar experience during some of their anime conventions, but the Pinoy market requested for more.

Reia Ayunan, a veteran cosplayer and a former Mini Moni fame, seized that opportunity and founded MeiDolls Maid Cafe. Learn more about them after the jump.

Meidolls Maid Cafe is a Japanese inspired cafe, complete with French maids and a Japanese motif. Experience being treated with respect by these lovely maids. Eat and drink delicious but affordable food. Watch them sing and dance along with your favorite anime song.

Come visit them at Saunterfield (2nd Floor), Km.20 Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta, Philippines.

If you are commuting, please remember to drop-off at Brookside Village Phase II and take note of the following landmarks:

– Mang Inasal
– Saunders Building (orange building)
– Sea Oil gasoline station

game ops

Pan-kun House Cleaning

Here’s a video of Ken Shimura and Pan-kun cleaning the house and getting it read for its overhaul:


Control the Humanoid Robot by Kinect

Check this out. A guy hacked the kinect and installed it to a robot so he can control it. Can this be the future?

Now give me huge gundam look alike robots.

33rd Filipino Music Post

Title:  Meron Akong Ano

Artist: Kamikazee (feat. Chito Miranda, Ian Tayao, Reg Rubio)

Japan and facebook

In Japan, Facebook seems to have been known and used by only those who came back from studying or working overseas.

Among Social Networking Services (SNS), mixi is most popular in Japan.
While around 5 hundred million people in the world use Facebook, Facebook users in Japan are 10% of mixi users.

The big difference between Facebook and mixi is using one’s real name to register.




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