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The Last Air Bender Trailer

wop, heres a trailer of the upcoming movie from the cartoon series Avatar.

I dont really know the full story of this show because i hardly watch it, but for the people who DO watch it and loves it.

check out the movie trailer XD


Late updates

sorry for the late updates guys, I havn’t posted nothing so far due to the bad wheather here in Philippines, but will post soon, just hang on tight XD

Jamming of Filipino and Japanese

just awsome!!!

Russel went to Okayama Station Underground together with his Family because many of japanese unknown/amateur band going to that place playing their music and that night Russel met a japanese guy playing so Russel join to play music at the same time..And after they played music you can see on the video that the japanese guy was really amaze with Russel..

Underwear theif caught on tape

sorry I haven’t been posting alot for the past days, I’ll do what i can to bring you new stuff as much as possible

The thief, a 42-year-old with a family, was stealing underwear while on his way home from work. It was not the first thing this kind of thing had happened, and the victim had set up a camera to catch him in the act. When an NTV reporter chased the man down and confronted him, he admitted his crime. Police were summoned and he was arrested.

(About 2 minutes and 15 seconds into the video clip, he reveals all the underwear he had stuffed into his coat.)

Talking fish prank

Maedamaeda’s Oshiro¬† (child comedian in japan) hear the fish talking

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