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just found something interesting on youtube XD

Jumping Robot

pretty awesome looking robot

The 38-centimeter-high and 1.6-kilogram robot, dubbed “Ropid,” was developed by the company’s president, 34-year-old Tomotaka Takahashi, over two and a half years. Boasting the highest jumping ability among humanoid robots, the Ropid can quickly bend its knees and ankles and jump to a height of eight centimeters using a built-in belt that links its joints. –Mainichi


Win free tickets to “Honiefaith” in Tokyo


When a Filipino hostess’ dismembered body is discovered in a Tokyo coin locker, Manila newspaper reporter Victor Balmori is dispatched to Japan. Balmori is looking for a story, he finds a nightmare.
Written by long-time Tokyoite Monty DiPietro, “Honiefaith” is a three-act play about people pushed into extraordinary circumstances demanding difficult choices. The premiere of “Honiefaith” at OUR SPACE in Hatagaya, opens the Tokyo International Players’ new “Second Stage” series, and is being directed by TIP president Jonah Hagans.

Jonah Hagans (director): “I’m very excited to be working directly with the author on a production, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to build a piece up from the very beginning. ‘Honiefaith’ involves so much interpersonal dynamic — the challenge for me working with the actors has been developing the connection to the character and each other, and bringing out the genuine emotion and feeling to maximize the play’s impact.”

Monty DiPietro (playwright): “In the spring of 2008 I read a news report about the death of Honiefaith Ratilla Kamiosawa, and began imagining characters and their reactions to the tragedy. The ideas became notes and the notes became a script. I’m honored that TIP is producing ‘Honiefaith’, watching Jonah and the cast bringing the story to life has been thrilling, and a little terrifying.”

“Honiefaith” is based on real events. Some scenes contain violence that may not be suitable for small children.

The production will take place at Our Space near Hatagaya station in Tokyo from November 6th until November 8th, 2009. Show time and ticket information can be found here.

How To Enter This Contest:

To enter, send an e-mail to with “Japan Probe” in the “subject” line, before Monday November 2. The tickets are for opening night, Friday November 6 at 7:00 pm, winners will be notified by e-mail.


MRI Scan (Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!)


yet again another Batsu game..

they are not allowed to laugh or make any noise.

I updated the videos of my previous post of Gaki no Tsukai

this is my favorite episode


Ultraman drives a Honda



Just found something pretty interesting XD

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