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Darker Than Black 2

so Darker than black 2 is coming out on the 8th of October.. and I  can’t WAIIIITTTTTTT!!!!

i loved the Darker than Black of the best anime I’ve ever seen..

heres the trailer

please pray

please pray for the Philippines and the people affected from Ondoy hurricane…………………

My Country…

My country, My country…..


22nd Filipino Music Post

By: Gloc 9 Feat. Zelle

Title: Upuan

Awesome Human Jumbotron



People were like… “WTF?!”

Gitara 〜贈るよ、この歌を〜 Japanese ver. PV

His done it again..remember him? If you dont here it is


this time its Gitara XD

original version (tagalog)-

Japanese version –

im also a big fan of Parokya ni Edgar XD

keep it up!!!!

Pan-kun food challenges

A video of Ken Shimura taking genius Chimpanzee Pan-kun to various parts of Japan to sample local cuisine:


Groping on Japanese trains

Japanese police and railway companies have teamed up and launched a week-long “Let’s prevent groping” campaign. Here’s a subtitled news clip from Fuji TV that introduces the campaign and shows us some video of undercover police officers arresting gropers on the Saikyo Line:


tho most of it censored

Sengoku Basara Review

The episodes of the Japanese anime television series Sengoku Basara are directed by Itsuro Kawasaki and animated by Production I.G.[1] The anime is based on Capcom’s PlayStation 2 video game of the same name, which was released in North America under the title Devil Kings. The story takes place during the Sengoku period, or Warring States Period, and revolves around two historical warlords, Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune.


MY TURN-I can think of one word to describe this fast paced action anime….AWSSOMEEEE….it circles around the historical background of Japan but with STYLE. All the characters you will see in this anime are real life characters from the ancient japan days..From Tokugawa to Oda etc etc…This anime is fast paced, lots of action, and a little comedic..Tho this is a historical anime..its really over exaggerated for the best..If you enjoy watching fast paced action killing anime..You should enjoy this one..

i will give this a 9/10

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