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Japan’s Lolita Fashion

I stumbled upon a pretty lengthy but interesting article in Yahoo! Philippines. It talks about the very popular Lolita fashion in Japan. Here are parts of the article and of course if you want to read more about it, just click here.

Outlandish pannier skirts with layers of frilly lace; teenage girls with larger-than-life make-up; a dash of sexuality and lashings of Victoriana are the order of the day for Japan’s Lolita girls.

What began as a street fashion two decades ago as youngsters aped the doll-like European styles of baroque and rococo has morphed into a near mainstream movement, with dozens of offshoots.

I’m no fashion guru heck I’m not even entirely sure of what I’m wearing now matches but coming from a guy, I think the Lolita type clothes are attractive (^・ω・^ )

“This is definitely one of the latest trends in Japan’s fashion world,” said Akiko Shinoda, a director for the Japan Fashion Week Organisation, adding Lolitas appeared for the first time last year at the twice-a-year show.

“I think it will survive as one distinct category in Japan.”

The article had some pretty criticizing comments from readers but this part of the article is what I like the best.

But Imari Sato, 18, was more forgiving. “I think it’s fine to wear it as long as it makes you happy,” she said.

Got to be the best commercial ever!!!

This has got to be the best commercial about a cup ramen noodle I have ever seen!! check it out!~~

Here is another one featuring Yoda, but I think I like the Gundam one better.


Why Do Japanese People Stare At Foreigners?

Tired of being stared to death upon when you visit a foreign country?
I found this very short article about an Icelandic musician who resides in Tokyo named Arni Kristhanson.
He created this tool for foreigners who doesn’t like to be stared upon by Japanese locals. It’s a fake cover for a book entitled Why Do Japanese People Stare at Foreigners?.
It’s basically a cover you print out and wrap it around the book of you choice and TADAAA!

“The idea is simple, print out this cover and wrap it around a book in Japanese. Then, as soon as you get stared at on the train or in a public place (to the point where it becomes uncomfortable) take out the book and pretend to start reading it while giving the starer ample view of the cover. The starer is then made aware of the situation in the most Japanese of ways, through non-confrontation.”

You can check out more  about this by click the highlighted words above.

source from Jprobe

One of the cutest things I have ever seen O___O

This has got to be one of the cutest fury little things I have ever seen!

The story behind this is that the monkey survived the typhoon (Talas) and now finds comfort with a dod.

The monkey now considers the man’s dog, Goma (a male), to be his surrogate mother. Whenever the Goma goes for a walk, the monkey clings to his back.

The narrator remarks on how this dog and monkey combo is very different from the common image of dogs and monkeys as enemies. [In the Japanese language when one says that two people are like “dogs and monkeys” (犬猿の仲), it means that they don’t get along well. ]

For now, the monkey is a baby and is relatively easy to take care of, but when it gets older, it will be hard to keep as a house pet. The man is looking for a zoo that will adopt the monkey.”-jprobe


WOW..its been a long while since I posted haven’t I? Due to the amount of  school work I have  >___< DAMN!! being an I.T student is pretty tough!!
But here I am!!! with a bit of new posts..but please bare with me..This is the best I can come up with today.hehehe.


I cant help but laugh at the interviewer on this clip.
She’s can I put it, very over exaggerated. And Tomomi Itano sounds so…… yeah sorry no comment..
Here you go guys, you might want to keep backtracking on what Tomo is saying..


Japanese enjoying ‘second childhood’

I found this inspiring article while going through the news online. This specific article actually inspired me that you can never stop learning. This is a about a 63 years old Japanese man living with his Filipina wife in Pangasinan (North of Manila).. Just read the article and I think you will like it. Sorry no pictures though…

SAN CARLOS CITY, Pangasinan, Philippines — He’s a stranger in a strange place, doing a strange thing. But somehow everything makes perfect sense to Japanese national and third grade “pupil” Etsuo Yamagata.

“I want to study English, Tagalog, and Pangasinense,” Etsuo said in stammering yet comprehensible English. He is 63 years old.

Belinda Yamagata, 57, Etsuo’s Filipino wife and long-time employee of a leading Japanese electronics company, helps prepare the student daily for his classes at Jose Macam Paningbatan Sr. Elementary School here in the town of San Juan.

As a routine, Belinda or “Belen” accompanies her husband to school every morning before going to the local market. Thursday was no different.

“Every day, we leave the house at 6:50 a.m. and walk to school together. We treat it as exercise,” she said.

After having kamote and coffee for breakfast, Etsuo emerges from their eye-catching pink house carrying a back pack, and clad in a white T-shirt, walking shorts and rubber shoes. “I also like pandesal,” he quipped.




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