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Hello guys… I know most of you have been waiting for some new stuff on the site..Im very sorry for the inconvinience. I do really hope that soon Ill will get to post, It is just due the lack of internet I have around my place since I am living inside a subdivision..But I am looking for an apartment and hope that an internet cafe will be nearby, or even better, get an internet connection at my place.

Again, I thank you for those who keeps visiting my site and those who are new to my site.  Happy Holidays again and may you have a good one

“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”

Updates updates updates

well guys, I havn’t settled YET and im looking for a new apartment due to the house im living in is very UGH , but please continue to visit my site until i post my new stuff.. Thank you for the support ^___^


well, I am here agian in the Philippines.. Good to be back but the only problem is the house im living in. It’s way too far from my school, and very dangerous at night, lets see how this goes… Ill be posting some new stuff when I settle some stuff first.. Till then..


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