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WAY TO THE SUNSET – Official Trailer

Way to the Sunset
A film whose theme is inspired by the remnants
of Davaos Japanese heritage found in the small
number of Japanese descendants or Nikkei-Jins
living in the city. And with the lives of Japinos
or children born of mixed Japanese-Filipino parentage.

Set in present-day Davao City, it revolves around
Nikka (Jann Lauree Liz Tagud), a nikkei-jin
(Japanese descendant) and Hitoshi (Hiroku Osanai),
a Japino (Japanese-Filipino) who meets up for an
eyeball date. A seemingly ordinary day spent around
the city unravels the convergent paths of their
friendship and the divergent twists of each others fate.

Feng Zhenghu still living in Narita Airport

Feng has one simple wish: to go home. Yet Chinese officials will not let this Chinese citizen return to his country.

“That’s the most basic right a human has—to return home. That’s not just a Chinese issue. It’s the same worldwide. That’s my wish. I want to return to my home and my country,” said Feng.

Feng’s plight has become an emblem for attempting to hold Chinese officials accountable to their own laws.

In China, Feng published a magazine called Corruption Watch to monitor corruption among officials and the courts, particularly in his home of Shanghai. He taught himself law and helped Chinese petitioners fighting for their rights after being forcibly evicted and their homes demolished. Before that, he was a student activist in the 1989 democracy movement that was squelched when the tanks rolled over Tiananmen Square.

Feng said the regime is keeping him out of China to silence him. “They didn’t have a legitimate reason or excuse to arrest me … So they used a different method and forced me out of China. After they force you out, you have no choice but to leave. It has happened to many people over the years they use the same method. All you can do is protest a little. So the method they use, to them, is a very successful method.”


Pan-kun makes mochi

The clip begins with Pan-kun meeting Miss International Queen Ai Haruna. Pan-kun’s reactions to Ai seem to indicate he recognizes her as a woman.

They then teach the chimp some good ol’ fashioned mochi-pounding techniques. When it’s time to eat the mochi they made, Pan-kun doesn’t seem to like it very much and chows down on grated daikon instead.





Hello people…I am still in an internet crisis, im very sorry for the  really big delay..but please bear with me a little bit more,,and i will get back to you as soon as possible ..and dont worry, i would not turn this site down… thank you for everything ^_^

Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone..Sorry, I still cant get a net at the house..But please stay with me here..hehe.. Onigiri Sensei Blog Site is now eneting 2010 with Its first post (This one)

I like to thank all of you for keeping this site alive just by visiting and leaving comments.. Thank you so much.. I feel like i won a grammy award.. hehe.. With all the gratitude.. I would like to say Happy New Year to everyone from Onigiri Sensei. May your New Year be a great one, even better than the last.. Thank you again… and please keep on visiting and keep opn leaving messages because I WILL return with a reply and Post ASAP

“The past can’t see you, but the future is listening”

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