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“Sampaguita” Playstation game

This is very old but I’ll throw it in there for the people who doesn’t know

The third installment of Sony’s genre-defining YARUDORA series is SAMPAGUITA. While the other games in the YARUDORA series are excellent in their own right, it is this third game in the series that attracted my attention in the first place when they were initially announced earlier last year. And the reason? Shirow Masamune. The talented artist and creator of many cool manga and anime such as APPLESEED, DOMINION: TANK POLICE, and GHOST IN THE SHELL, is also responsible for the character designs and illustrations for this new game.

What sets SAMPAGUITA (the autumn title) apart from the other two YARUDORA games is the unique artistic style and intriguing story. Like DOUBLE CAST and KISETSU O DAKISHIMETE (the summer and spring titles), SAMPAGUITA is an interactive anime game somewhat similar to classic arcade games like DRAGON’S LAIR and SPACE ACE. Games like these enjoy much greater popularity in Japan than they ever did in North America, and they’ve evolved to become much more complex. They have generally replaced the “twitch factor” of making instantaneous decisions with turn-based and menu driven formats, allowing the player to think about what to do next. In addition, after beating this game you can save your endings to memory and watch the entire anime again as one long movie! What’s even sweeter is that Sony even included the option for 16×9 widescreen anamorphic picture viewing!

SAMPAGUITA’s name comes from the Tagalog name for a fragrant flower that grows throughout Southeast Asia. Like the flower, the central female character in this game, Maria Santos, is a sweet, exotic “flower” lost in Japan, and her mysterious background must be uncovered. I don’t want to give any more away, since the story and its intricate plot twists are the main reason to play the game. Besides, there are 28 endings (one more than the previous YARUDORA games), comprised of 3 good, 5 normal, and 20 bad endings. Suffice it to say that SAMPAGUITA is an action/romance game, and fans who’ve been waiting for a little more spice in the YARUDORA series can finally get it here.

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If any of you have played the game, please share with us. I have been trying to search for this game for a very long time but unfortunately I don’t have any luck.

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