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Fake Anime & Disney Characters on Parade at Snow Festival in China

In this clip they call up the organizers of the event, who seem to be saying that the characters are indeed knock-offs, but it’s okay because they made the costumes themselves.

The report also mentions the infamous Gundam knock-off in another part of China, which was quietly dismantled after its theme park had vehemently denied accusations that it was a copy of the popular Japanese mobile suit

Japanese TV networks are having a blast reporting about the latest batch of hilariously blatant trademark violations coming out of China. Both NTV and Fuji TV were at the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, were a large group of knock-off characters were on parade:

In addition to the Mickey Mouse shown at the top of this post, they also had Donald Duck:

A Doraemon knock-off:

A Pikachu knock-off:

Something that looked like Crayon Shin-chan:

Astroboy with hair coming out of his neck:

And Ultraman:

As in the case of the fake Disneyland, the people wearing costumes saw no problem with removing their headgear and taking breaks in front of tourists.



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